Lead Generation Activity

Plug in any lead generation activity – CPL campaigns, email, search, social, display or content marketing.

Capture & Route Leads

Capture and route leads as they engage with your activity.

Custom Data Field Capture

Drag and drop your existing forms, build new ones or create templates.

Validation In Realtime

Validate leads in realtime – automatic feedback to publishers on invalid or valid leads delivered.

Identify & Correct Leads

Automatically identify and correct duplicates, incomplete and misleading field data entry.

Lead Data Enrichment

Enrich your lead data with 1st and 3rd party sources, append additional data to your leads from social profiles, financial information or company records.

Lead Data Formatting

Automatically format and route leads in realtime to your exact requirements.

Automatic Lead Routing

Automatically route leads to your CRM and marketing automation platforms with our API technology.

CRM Prospect Check

Check prospects against existing CRM data and enhance your CRM customer profiles.

Realtime Lead Scoring

Score lead data in real-time – variable scoring and custom rules, automatically send leads to your inside sales, field sales or call centre based on custom scores.