Realtime Validation

Validate leads in realtime, automatic feedback to publishers on invalid or valid leads, correct critical field data such as email and phone numbers before sending to clients.

Access Control

Automatically route leads to advertisers CRM and marketing automation platforms with our API technology – no batch uploads, sending over email and manual processes.

Campaign Automation

Campaign automation – data capture, validation, enrichment and routing of customer data or leads all done automatically, saving vast amounts of time and resource.

Database Cleanse

Full existing database cleanse, simply upload your database files and watch the platform do its work.

Data Correction

Automatically identify and correct duplicates, incomplete and misleading field entry.

Custom Field Capture

Custom data field capture, drag and drop your existing forms, build new ones or create templates.

Data Enhancement

Simplify your data capture forms by enhancing your lead data with 1st and 3rd party sources.